3rd March 2020

Contract type: Consultancy
Application Deadline: 17th March 2020
Applications of interest should be sent via email to: Stéphanie Berset at bersets@who.int
Consultancy Reference: AMR/GCP/2020/#4

Purpose of the Consultancy: Support the establishment of the Antimicrobial Resistance Multi-Partner Trust Fund (AMR-MPTF).

Background: The Department of Global Coordination and Partnership on Antimicrobial Resistance (GCP) leads and coordinates the global One Health response to antimicrobial resistance through facilitating and managing strategic and innovative partnerships and providing secretariat services to global governance mechanisms on antimicrobial resistance in collaboration with the FAO, OIE  and other UN and international agencies as well as Member States and partners including the civil society and private sector. The Department facilitates the implementation of the recommendations of the UN Interagency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial resistance, strengthen evidence-based and coordinated response against antimicrobial resistance across the One Health spectrum in humans, animals, plants, food, feed and the environment through the development and implementation of global vision, goals and targets, political advocacy and engagement, and facilitating innovative partnerships and contributes towards the achievement of the SDGs. It also promotes synergy, set priorities and advocate to unblock bottlenecks for research and development for antimicrobial resistance across the One Health spectrum.

A consultant is required to support the operationalization of the AMR MPTF and ensure robust systems, practices, and ways of working are designed and clearly documented in the operational materials. The Coordinator will manage the first round of country and global proposal development, approval and disbursement, and ensure that robust systems are built for collaboration between the three organisations and the management of funds and results. The Coordinator will be a member of the Tripartite Joint Secretariat and will provide strategic, operational and administrative support to the Fund and its governance body, the AMR MPTF Steering Committee. He/she will be responsible for the coordination and day-to-day management of the Fund and will report to the WHO Tripartite Liaison officer, working closely with the Steering Committee, the Tripartite, and UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office) as Administrative Agent.

Work to be performed

  • Manages the AMR MPTF, including the development and oversight of work planning systems and processes
  • Establishes clear and transparent mechanisms to ensure prompt flow of funds.
  • Develop systems to support the development of quality programming and results management of the Fund and project proposals, including facilitating linkages between the country teams and Tripartite substantive policy experts at regional and global level;
  • Organizes the calls for proposals and convenes the necessary technical expertise to appraise such proposals;
  • Develops systems to monitor the implementation of approved projects with support from and participating partner entities;
  • Develops systems to Ensure the monitoring of operational risks and AMR MPTF performance;
  • Drafts and implements fund monitoring and evaluation plan;
  • Leads the finalization of the operating manual
  • Liaises with the Administrative Agent (MPTFO) on fund administration issues
  • Develop the template for annual narrative reports on Fund progress, in accordance with the agreed results framework and respective indicators, including on the activities of the Secretariat;
  • Consolidates narrative reports and compiles country and Fund level baseline data for inclusion in the results framework, and facilitates annual progress reviews;
  • Provide ad hoc reporting on fund activities and progress when required.
  • Develops briefings to support directors in resource mobilization
  • Provides logistical and operational support to the AMR MPTF Steering Committee
  • Where necessary manage the virtual review of proposals by Steering Committee;
  • Other duties as requested by the Joint Tripartite Secretariat and AMR MPTF Steering Committee.


  1. Systems established to monitor fund flows, results and risks for AMR-MPTF.
  2. Support to the operationalization of the first round of MPTF proposals at global and country level.
  3. Finalization of operational manual
  4. Templates developed for reporting
  5. Briefings as required

Requirements for qualifications and experiences

Educational Qualifications:
Essential: Advanced university degree in international development, international relations, public administration, public policy, public health or other relevant social sciences is required.
WHO Competencies
o Communicating in a credible and effective way
o Producing results
o Ensuring effective use of resources
o Building and promoting partnerships across the organisation and beyond
o Moving forward in a changing environment

– Experience required:
A minimum of 10 years’ experience in international development in a government, multilateral or civil society organization working in a multi-cultural setting, including at least two years outside one’s own country, is required.


  • Experience in fund management (managing Multi-Donor Trust Funds or large-scale multi-stakeholder programmes including results-based management, risk management, finance and operations) and resource mobilization, and knowledge of financing for development is required.
  • Understanding and experience in innovative financing, joint programming and partnerships, and country level joint UN work, will be significant assets.

– Language requirements:
Essential: Fluency in English is required.
Desirable: Knowledge of other WHO official language would be an asset

The remuneration will be based on a monthly fee which is in the range US$8000 – US$9400 depending on the selected consultant’s expertise and years of experience. This is an accordance with the WHO remuneration scales for international consultants. The final monthly fee will depend upon the selected consultant’s experience and expertise. Payments will be made following satisfactory completion of a set of deliverables. In line with WHO norms, payment will be made in instalments on satisfactory completion of a set of deliverables. A cost of living allowance of up to 3,000 CHF per month may also be available.

Place of assignment:
The place of assignment will be WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

If you are interested to apply, please send your CV and motivational letter to bersets@who.int not later than 17 March 2020

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