2nd November 2020

BSAC is delighted to endorse the recommendations of the Transforming NHS Pharmacy Aseptic Services in England review.

BSAC is delighted to endorse the recommendations of the Transforming NHS Pharmacy Aseptic Services in England review, chaired by Lord Carter of Coles for the Department of Health and Social Care and published on Thursday 29th October 2020.

The report has the potential to significantly advance the establishment of outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) services within the UK, something the Society has worked to achieve for over a decade.  Specifically the report:

      • Acknowledges the need to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions through improving the provision of OPAT and that patients should be treated wherever possible out of hospital.
      • Recognises this will require aseptically produced IV antibiotics with development of national specifications and commissioning of OPAT services to maximise such care outside hospital.
      • Recommends for NHS England and NHS Improvement to incentivise contracts for outpatient antimicrobial therapy to care (OPAT) for people closer to home or at home, reducing pressure on hospital beds and improving patient experience.

The President of BSAC, Philip Howard, OBE was delighted to commend the report on behalf of BSAC.  In speaking about the report the Vice President (President-elect), Dr David Jenkins said this:

This report is potentially pathfinding, moving OPAT services from ‘nice to have’ to mandated services where the clinical need exists.  BSAC has worked hard through its UK OPAT Initiative over the past decade to have OPAT services recognised in this way, and will continue to work to ensure this recommendation is implemented and high quality OPAT services are available to all who would benefit from them.”

In order to meet the needs highlighted in Lord Carter’s report, BSAC is focussed on the expansion and implementation of OPAT services within the NHS at Home Framework, and to have OPAT services embedded within the national AMR Programme.

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