19th November 2020

Superbugs – microbes that cause infections that are difficult or impossible to treat — are one of the biggest threats we face. They kill someone in the world every 45 seconds. That means by the time you finish reading this article, at least five more families will have lost a loved one. But there’s hope. Across the globe, community projects are doing what they can to stop superbugs – they just need us to lend a hand...

Historian Thomas Fuller once said that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

There’s probably no more fitting description of current global efforts to save lives by fighting infection.

Superbugs are already a serious problem, killing at least 700,000 people every year. They’re also transforming into a slow-motion pandemic, spreading out under the shadow of COVID and climate change.

Like COVID and climate change, superbugs are a natural phenomenon whose threat has increased because of the way we live. The misuse and abuse of medication, environmental pollution, and widespread inequality – are just a few of the factors that contribute to a complex and dangerous situation.

What’s dawning, though, is a new-found belief that the situation is still in our hands; that it’s still in our power to stop, or neutralise, superbugs – and COVID, and climate change.

That’s why we’ve launched the global health initiative, Stop Superbugs.

There’s so much good work happening all over the world right now. Projects, often helped by passionate volunteers, are undertaking life-saving actions in many communities – advising on the responsible use of antimicrobials, educating on infection prevention and control, tracking environmental pollution – and so much more.

By bringing people together to provide more practical support to a range of local projects, we can help magnify impact – especially in places where risks are high and support is low.

When you visit the Stop Superbugs website, you’ll see we’ve started working with our first project. But this is only the beginning. With your backing, we’ll partner with up to five such projects every year, securing support via corporate sponsorship, pro-bono expertise, grant applications, publicity, fundraising, and education and training.

We’ll also work together to tell the stories that all too often go untold – not only of the lives blighted or destroyed, but also of the people who, through their hard work and dedication, are helping to contain and control the threat of untreatable infections.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re passionate about taking on one of the biggest challenges of our generation, and helping people from all walks of life, please join us.

Here’s what you can do to help:

 It’s in our hands!

Michael Corley, BSAC’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs. Liam Brown, BSAC’s Head of Strategic Communications. 

GP? Pharmacist? Researcher? Social Scientist? Whatever field you work in, if you’re committed to fighting infection then we want you to join us as a BSAC Member.
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