21st March 2024

The Global Antimicrobial Stewardship Partnership Hub (GASPH) is a dedicated online space designed to bring organisations together to support appropriate antibiotic use and reduce antimicrobial resistance. This month we’re inviting you to meet Dr Maarten B.M. van Dongen, Director of AMR Insights - one of our GASPH partners.

As a Microbiologist, I feel a responsibility to combat the globally escalating problem of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). For this reason, I founded AMR Insights in 2017.

AMR Insights an autonomous organisation
AMR Insights is an autonomous organisation. An organisation with a mission: to support and connect involved AMR stakeholders in order to take the AMR community to the next level. In doing so, we consider AMR as a One Health challenge. And in doing so, we focus on the entire value chain and thus on innovation. That means we must push for better global surveillance, better antimicrobial stewardship, better diagnostics, new antibiotics, alternatives and for vaccination. And on a reduction of AMR in the environment.

AMR Insights works with professionals in all One Health sectors
AMR Insights is a Netherlands based, globally active, network organisation focusing on informing, educating and connecting professionals in public and private organisations. AMR Insights works with professionals in all One Health sectors. This includes human and animal health, agrifood and the environmental sector. The objective of AMR Insights is to add to the controlling of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). It aims to achieve this by taking existing AMR activities, programmes and operations to the next level by providing up-to-date information, explaining in clear language what AMR is and by boosting international cooperation and joint innovation. In this way, AMR Insights believes it can build a community that is better equipped to battle AMR more focused and efficiently. Thereby, AMR Insights focuses on the entire innovation value chain: from (academic) research and development to validation, registration, implementation and commercialisation.

AMR Insights has developed and uses its own AMR technology database. This database enables a rapid selection of relevant technologies in the matchmaking parts. Together with Innovate UK, AMR Insights organises International AMR innovation missions to countries such as Germany, USA, Switzerland and India.

Core activities of AMR Insights informing, educating and connecting professionals

  • Informing professionals by means of a bimonthly newsletter with selected, current news and developments and by offering a searchable database of relevant AMR-related publications.
  • Educating professionals by organising an annual, online International Masterclass AMR, and by organising thematic webinars.
  • Connecting professionals by organising online and in person International Matchmaking Symposia.

The AMR Insights Ambassador Network
To generating as much global impact as possible, AMR Insights established an international network of Ambassadors in 2017; the AMR Insights Ambassador Network. This global network is a growing, distinctive group of professionals who stand out for their open attitude, commitment and willingness to cooperate and combat Antimicrobial Resistance together. Crossing borders, sectors and time zones, connecting professionals and students regardless of race, religion and political affiliation makes this network unique. The network now comprises more than 650 Ambassadors in over 65 countries.

Getting involved in AMR Insights?
If you are interested to know more about AMR Insights than visit the overview of AMR Insights activities ‘What we do’ or read our ‘Activities report 2023’. If you are interested to get involved then check out the individual and corporate partnerships.

For information about GASPH and eligibility to join, click here: GASPH Partners.

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