8th November 2021

We are seeking nominations for Members of Council from across all areas of membership. Candidates should ideally have been involved in Society activities at some level and have a demonstrable understanding of BSAC and its strategic aims and direction.

There are six vacancies open for election in 2022:

  • Grants Officer
  • General Secretary
  • Meetings Secretary*
  • Honorary Treasurer*
  • And three Ordinary Members of Council*

* Current postholders are eligible to stand for a 2nd term of office and if they choose to do so will stand for election against other nominated candidates


Eligibility for nomination

  • Nominees must have been Members of the Society for 2 years
  • Self-nomination is permitted. Such nominations will be considered and then formally proposed and seconded by Members of Council and/or eligible Members of the Society
  • All positions are open for nomination by Ordinary and Honorary Members of BSAC
  • Officer positions are elected by Council and, where there are more candidates than vacancies, Ordinary Members are elected by an alternative vote ballot of Ordinary and Honorary Members of BSAC
  • All candidates for Ordinary Members’ vacancies must stand for election against any other candidates that Ordinary and Honorary Members may nominate
  • Ordinary Members will serve a fixed 3-year term of office and will not be eligible for re-election until a lapse of one year
  • Elected Members of Council serve as Trustees and Directors of BSAC
  • Where more nominations are received than positions available, Ordinary Members of Council are elected by a postal ballot of Ordinary and Honorary Members that is administered via the Electoral Reform Ballot Services and is overseen by the General Secretary
  • No position is assured.



  • Members are invited to submit nominations by 1 December 2021
  • If required, a ballot of Ordinary and Honorary Members will be held in January 2022 to elect Ordinary Members to Council.



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