7th April 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to covid, BSAC’s legendary Antibiotic Resistance and Mechanisms Workshop for Researchers (ARM) is back! Here, Andy Edwards & Michelle Buckner Chairs of ARM’s Programme Committee, explain what this unique annual event means to them… and why it’s unmissable for early-career researchers.


“The ARM workshop is one of my favourite conferences because of its small size, quality speakers, and great networking opportunities. Not only are the scientific talks a great chance to hear about the latest scientific research around antimicrobial resistance, but the networking opportunities are particularly fantastic! Over the years (and I have been going to ARM since 2013!) the poster sessions and dinners have been some of the best networking events I’ve been to. The poster session is very busy, with lots food, drink, and interest in each of the posters. I’ve had some great ideas and input from conversations around my posters in the past. After the poster session attendees are assigned to dinner tables with people from other institutions and different career stages. Throughout the evening everyone has a great chance to meet and talk to people they might otherwise not have been able to.

This year, I am really excited that the ARM meeting will be held in person. Zoom is great for certain aspects, such as listening to talks, but you cannot beat in-person events for networking! I have missed the opportunity to actually see colleagues (in real life!) over the past two years, and I am looking forward to meeting them and making new connections at this year’s ARM. “


“The return of the BSAC Antimicrobial Resistance and Mechanisms represents a fantastic opportunity for ECR researchers to make up for lost time and share their work with the community. Whilst online conferences have done a great job, they cannot fully replicate the conference experience in terms of discussing science, getting feedback on your research, developing collaborations and building networks, some of which can last decades.

This meeting provides a relatively small, AMR-focussed, and friendly environment to get back into the swing of in-person meetings. Everything you need is on one site, in an easy to reach city and the programme covers a broad range of topics within the field of antimicrobial resistance, delivered by a mix of senior and ECR speakers. The conference dinner provides a fantastic opportunity for networking (and sharing your Covid experiences with those in similar positions!) and broadening your research horizons. It’s genuinely one of my favourite conferences and I’m delighted to welcome you all to Birmingham for the return of this outstanding meeting in person.”

The Antibiotic Resistance and Mechanisms Workshop for Researchers is taking place in Birmingham between 12-13 May. For a short time only, BSAC Members are entitled to receive a 10% discount by entering the following code at the checkout: ARM2022OFFER

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