The following documents are designed to give both practical and educational help to laboratories implementing the EUCAST disc diffusion method.

Difference between BSAC and EUCAST methods: This document includes a systematic review of the differences between BSAC & EUCAST disc diffusion methodology. A full list of consumable differences in included; helping laboratories to order prior to implementation.

Implementation of EUCAST disk diffusion: This document is a slide show to help with implementation of the EUCAST disk diffusion method
Checklist for implementation (V1): This document provides a checklist for use prior to implementation
Rationale behind the decision to transfer to EUCAST susceptibility testing: This paper is published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.  It sets out the reasoning behind transition of susceptibility testing from BSAC to EUCAST disk diffusion method.

Giotto template program: template for interpreting disk diffusion zones
ISO 15189 verification of EUCAST disk diffusion method: This document is a checklist for ISO15189 standard verification whilst implementing the EUCAST disk diffusion methodology.
Quality control information: This document contains relevant information to help diagnose problems with quality control data
QC disk data tracker: This Excel document allows you to track your QC disk diameter data, included is a help file
Help regarding implementation can be found at/by:

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