25th June 2024

The BSAC Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Standing Committee supports the development and implementation of high-quality antimicrobial susceptibility testing across the UK and Europe.

The committee aims to:

  • Develop methods of testing in response to changes in susceptibility, new antimicrobial agents and new resistance mechanisms.
  • Collaborate with others at an international level in harmonising European MIC breakpoints and approaches to antimicrobial susceptibility testing.
  • Provide information needed by EUCAST for the development of MIC breakpoints at epidemiological, pharmacodynamic and clinical levels.
  • Publish annual updates of the BSAC susceptibility testing recommendations.
  • Provide educational support by organising User Group meetings two residential workshops each year.
  • Support microbiologists by providing timely responses to questions related to antimicrobial susceptibility testing and the management of patients (via email, telephone etc.).
  • Undertakes research and development projects related to the development of antimicrobial susceptibility testing methods as appropriate.
  • Discusses impacts of susceptibility testing on antimicrobial surveillance and stewardship.

The committee are looking to recruit a clinical microbiologist or consultant clinical scientist with a special interest in susceptibility testing and antimicrobial resistance to sit on the committee. Committee commitments are as follows: four meetings take place per year, mainly by videoconference but the occasional face to face meeting at BSAC headquarters. Videoconference meetings are approximately 2 hours in length.

The successful candidate will be appointed by BSAC selected by a ballot of the Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Standing Committee members and recommended to BSAC Council for appointment to the committee.

Please send your expression of interest via a cover letter and a short Curriculum Vitae to Dr Mandy Wootton: mandy.wootton@wales.nhs.uk.

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