9th July 2024

With the generous support of Baillie Gifford, BSAC’s global health initiative, Stop Superbugs, has successfully launched a small grant scheme, offering awards to members of the Stop Superbugs sub-Saharan Network. This initiative aims to bolster grassroots projects dedicated to combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through education, communication, and improved sanitation within local communities.

Out of 16 eligible projects, we received 12 strong applications, each demonstrating a profound commitment to tackling AMR. After a rigorous evaluation based on originality, feasibility, viability, relevance, design, and value, three projects were selected for their potential to make the greatest impact:

  • Ubora Foundation, Uganda: Focused on establishing AMR champions in secondary schools.
  • ReAct Africa, Zambia: Assessing the effectiveness of integrative didactic learning and an educational toolkit (Alforja) to enhance school children’s knowledge of antibiotics and their motivation to engage in antibiotic resistance mitigation.
  • AMR Intervarsity Training Program, Nigeria: Implementing intervarsity training and establishing AMR clubs for youth champions.

Ongoing Support and Future Plans

The successful projects will provide regular feedback throughout the year, with a showcase planned for World AMR Awareness Week 2024. Unsuccessful applicants will not be left behind; they will receive support through a webinar aimed at improving their funding applications and are encouraged to reapply next year.

Background and Network Growth

The Stop Superbugs Network, launched in 2023 following the success of BSAC’s original Stop Superbug initiative, has grown into a collective of 16 grassroots projects across nine sub-Saharan African countries: Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Benin, and Zimbabwe. These projects, largely staffed by volunteers, focus on reducing AMR through various community-driven initiatives.

BSAC has been instrumental in supporting these projects by fostering connections, sharing resources, identifying needs, and organizing regular webinars with experts. Network members are also provided with BSAC membership and access to relevant eLearning opportunities and events.

About Stop Superbugs Network

The Stop Superbugs Network is a coalition of grassroots projects across sub-Saharan Africa dedicated to combating antimicrobial resistance through education, communication, and improved sanitation. Supported by BSAC, the network aims to create sustainable community-driven solutions to one of the most pressing health challenges of our time.

You can find out more about the Stop Superbugs Network here 


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