The BSAC Resistance Surveillance Project, co-ordinated by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, has carried out surveillance of antimicrobial resistance continuously since 1999 in lower respiratory tract infections and 2001 in bacteraemia. Forty sentinel laboratories based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland contribute up to 3,500 isolates for each surveillance programme each year.

We now invite suitably experienced laboratories to bid for the role of Central Testing Laboratory for one or both these programmes.

The Central Testing Laboratories are responsible for the recruitment of sentinel laboratories, the identification and testing of isolates (MICs, and further tests for resistance mechanisms such as mecA, ESBLs or carbapenemases), long-term storage of isolates and their supply to other groups for further research.

The project is run by a working party of independent experts and industry representatives and has been funded by a total of 17 pharmaceutical companies at different times. Sponsorship of the project allows companies to compare the activity of new and developmental agents against an established comparator group of agents and receive a complete dataset of results each year.
There have been over 50 publications from the study group, with abstracts published every year at ICAAC since 2001 and ECCMID since 2003. The results and publications are available free and in detail on the project website (now up to the 2011 season).

The current collection of over 30,000 bacteraemia and 25,000 respiratory isolates is also available for further research and several large-scale gene-sequencing projects using our surveillance isolates are in progress.

Further details and an application pack are available to download from or by contacting Veronique Martin: email; phone on +44 (0)117 323 8330.

The closing date is Monday 18th February 2013 at 6.00pm (UCT).
Successful laboratories will be appointed for the 2014 surveillance year, with isolate collection starting on 1st October 2013 (respiratory) and 1st January 2014 (bacteraemia).

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