An important area of BSAC activity is the development of evidence based guidance to inform and support practice.

The Society has both capacity and expertise to support evidence based guideline development in house and has adopted a three stage process:

  • Development of a peer review protocol defining the question or questions to be answered
  • Literature search, review and grading of evidence
  • Guidelines authoring

This step-wise process allows Council to decide, at each step and following planned investment of time and finances, whether to proceed to the next step.

The following guideline development groups are currently in session:

  • Therapeutic Monitoring Literature Review Group, Chair: Nick Brown
  • OPAT: Drug stability and devices, Chair: Tim Hills
  • OPAT: Oral Agents in the OPAT Setting, Chair: Matthew Dryden
  • BSAC, HIS, IPS and BIA MRSA Guideline Working Group, Chair: Erwin Brown
  • BSAC, HIS, BIA Joint Guideline Development Group on MDR Gram Negative Infections, Chairs: Peter Hawkey and Peter Wilson
  • BSAC / Vascular Society Vascular Graft Infections Guideline Working Group

For further information on the status of a guideline development group, or to propose a topic for consideration, please email Abi Jenkins, Guideline Development Officer

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