Professor Shigeru Kohno, President of Nagasaki University

Prof. Shigeru Kohno is the President of Nagasaki University since Oct. 2017. He holds a medical degree and a Ph.D. and taught as a professor in the infectious and molecular pathogenesis department. His former students are now leading researches on infectious diseases, respiratory medicine, and mycology at many institutions. He has received many distinctions, including the Futaki Award, the Japanese Society for Medical Mycology Award, the ISC Meritorious Membership Award, and the Kiyoshi Shiga-Sahachiro Hata Award. He served as Dean of the graduate school of medicine and as Director of Nagasaki University Hospital from 2009 to 2015. Then he chaired the board of Nagasaki University as Vice president and Trustee since 2014. President Kohno declared that Nagasaki University contributes to “Planetary Health” through research and educational activities and demonstrates leadership in this university-wide action.

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