Professor Liz Breen, Director of the Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ) & Professor of Health Service Operations, University of Bradford

Professor Liz Breen is a Professor in Health Service Operations based in the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences. Prior to this she was a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at the University of Bradford Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences. Liz is also the current Director of the Digital Health Enterprise Zone, an innovation facility based at the University of Bradford.

Liz is a Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research Fellow and an Affiliate member of the NIHR Yorkshire & Humber Patient Safety Research Centre. Recent projects related to these centres include ISCOMAT (Improving the Safety and Continuity Of Medicines management at Transitions of care) and Deciding to Deprescribe.

Liz’s research focuses on improvement and sustainability in service supply chains with a specific interest in health supply chains, and their impact on people and patients. Her work aims to better understand the complexity of supply chain systems and learnings within and between supply chains. Projects focusing directly on the pharmaceutical supply chain explore areas such as medicines shortages, medicines waste management, supply chain risk and medicines deliveries during the pandemic.

Liz has also undertaken extensive media engagement discussing the creation and deployment of Covid-19 vaccines within the UK and globally. This work has been cited in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America and Australia and in key media outlets such as The Guardian, Time Magazine and Forbes.

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