Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Health, Bristol Veterinary School

Kristen Reyher is Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Health at the Bristol Veterinary School, part of the University of Bristol. She has worked in livestock veterinary practice in the US, Canada and the UK and holds a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University in New York state as well as a PhD in veterinary epidemiology from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island. Kristen currently leads an interdisciplinary research group (the AMR Force) focussed on antimicrobial stewardship, use and resistance with more than £14 million of funding from public sources as well as charities and industry. Their work has a One Health focus which weaves together a multitude of disciplines, from laboratory to social sciences, with a focus on reliable and shareable data. Kristen directed the first studies applying a counselling style called Motivational Interviewing to veterinarian-client communication and continues this work through international collaborations that have worldwide impact. She was also the principal investigator for the Global Resource for Online Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM) Learning project which produced the widely used EBVM eLearning site Prior to moving to Bristol, Kristen successfully organised the data collection platform for Canada’s largest livestock research effort – the National Cohort of Dairy Farms – through the Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network. Kristen’s approach is participatory and she enjoys working with a broad range of academics and stakeholders. She is interested in making research more accessible (and accomplish-able) to veterinary practitioners, farmers and citizens across the globe.

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