Mr Steve Foley, Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Steve Foley was appointed the clinical lead in female urology at the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in January 2001 and specialises in female, incontinence and infective/immunological urology. After general surgical training in the Royal Air Force, Mr Steve Foley joined the Institute of Urology, London, to research and specialise in female urology, bladder dysfunction and spinal cord injury.

He has pioneered research on treatments in incontinence surgery and non-antibiotic prophylaxis for urinary tract infections and his team has won multiple national research prizes and presentation awards.

He has an established scientific standing within the field of UTIs, having published in multiple academic papers including the New England Journal of Medicine, is an editor of the Springer-Nature book “Female urinary tract infections in clinical practice” and was the principal investigator for the UK arm of the world’s first RCT on MV140 immunostimulating prophylaxis in preventing UTIs in women.

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