Dr Zeb Hussain, PhD Student, University of Karachi

My research interests are in whole genomic sequencing typing and epidemiology, short and long time evolution in bacterial genomics and population structure of mainly human pathogens. I am currently working on project on Pan Drug Resistance pathogens (PDR) causing ventilator associated pneumonia.

I am PhD scholar at Microbiology department at University of Karachi enrolled in 2020 and have completed all courses and research work. I have done BSc (chemistry), E.MBA (Health management), BS in Clinical lab sciences, MPhil in Pathology (clinical microbiology) from Dow University of health sciences Karachi, I have nine years’ experience as a Medical technologist in diagnostic microbiology and currently joined as research and teaching faculty at clinical laboratory sciences department, Dow Institute of medical technology Dow University of health sciences Karachi Pakistan. Furthermore, I am looking for Postdoc position in infectious diseases, epidemiology, and Bacterial genomics.

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