Senior Research Fellow, UCL and co-ordinator of the NIHR-funded INHALE research programme

Vicky Enne is a Senior Research Fellow at UCL and the co-ordinator of the NIHR-funded INHALE research programme, which aims to evaluate the performance and utility of rapid diagnostics for management of HAP and VAP in the critical care setting
She obtained her PhD investigating the persistence of antibiotic resistance from Barts and The London in 2001 and then completed AMR-related post-doctoral work at the University of Bristol and QMUL, before moving to UCL in 2013. Her research focuses the development and evaluation of novel molecular diagnostic strategies for bacterial infections and AMR, and their implementation to improve antimicrobial stewardship and patient outcomes, with a strong emphasis on respiratory tract infections and pneumonia.
Vicky has authored numerous publications on these subjects and is a member of the Editorial Board for Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

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