Dr Veronica Chorro-Mari, Consultant Pharmacist Antimicrobial Stewardship, East Kent University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Medway School of Pharmacy

Veronica completed her Pharmacy degree in 2002 in Valencia University, Spain. Before her arrival in the UK recruited as a Medical Information Specialist in a named patient supplier in the UK and afterwards fully establishing as a Hospital Pharmacist, she received a grant to work in the Pharmacy Consultancy department in a university hospital in Spain, where she improved prescribing pathways with erythropoietic factors in haemodialysis unit and lead a project in the patient’s discharging process. She participated in developing various guidelines and published a chapter of the Pharmacotherapy Quality book, that was edited by Professor Victor Jimenez Torres, in 2006.

She moved to London seeking a career progression in the clinical and academic field and she continued her studies remotely for a Master’s in Pharmacotherapeutic Quality and Safety, with Valencia University. She became an Independent Prescriber in paediatric asthma (Kings College, London). Veronica finalised her PhD improving the quality and safety of paediatric prescriptions at discharge whilst working on a multidisciplinary team in the paediatric Cystic Fibrosis department at Barts Health NHS Trust. Her doctorate received a cum laude and an international distinction by the Valencia University after international review. Amongst her clinical activities in the biggest Trust in London, Veronica was actively participating in postgraduate teaching for Medway School of Pharmacy, school of Health Sciences and assessing OSCE’s for the Diploma students in UCL School of Pharmacy. Veronica has participated in various quality improvement projects and clinical audits, where patient’s safety has been her main focus. She is an accredited Consultant Pharmacist by the RPSBG and currently works at East Kent University Hospitals NHS Trust in Antimicrobial Stewardship and as a Lecturer and Research Pharmacist in the school of Pharmacy at Medway Campus, Greenwich University.

Research interest

Despite her interest in novel pharmaceutical drugs she remains in the quality and safety aspects of her career and is a passionate of genomic medicine, where she sees pharmacogenomics as the extra step for safety that needs embedding into everyone’s practice. Infectious disease is an area where Veronica would like to see more genomic medicine technologies being developed in order to tackle the antimicrobial resistance problem the world is facing.

Veronica’s research includes main safety focus in the women and children cohort and in either infection disease or genomics field. Her contributions to organisations and publications show her versatile and efficient skills, amongst many, she excels as a communicator.


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