Dr Tom Ashfield, Senior Medical Affairs Advisor – Infection, antimicrobial resistance and stewardship, Pfizer Hospital Business Unit

Tom is a GP with experience as a pharmacist, hospital doctor and ENT surgical trainee. He has worked in all core acute specialties and has experience spanning from rural GP to specialist tertiary services. Since 2019 he has been a Senior Medical Advisor for AMS/AMR with Pfizer and maintains a part-time GP service via an online telemedicine platform. He is committed to stewardship in all aspects of his work and his wealth of experience provides great insight into the challenges and opportunities presenting to the modern healthcare system. In 2022, he and the diverse cross-industry and third sector members of the Infection Management Coalition released their White Paper on holistic infection management (www.theimc.org). Prior to this, Tom was closely involved with the preparation and clinical aspects of Pfizer’s contribution to the world’s first antimicrobial subscription model. His current work encompasses policy, media, patient engagement, digital and clinical research.

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