Lecturer in Medical Microbiology, University of Plymouth

Philip graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a BSc in Microbiology in 2001, before completing his PhD at King’s College London investigating the transfer of antibiotic resistance within the oral microbiome in periodontal patients undergoing therapy. His postdoc at UCL Eastman Dental Institute focused on the isolation and functional analysis of mobile genetic elements carrying antibiotic resistance in the oral metagenome, followed by a short period examining the basis of hypervirulence in Clostridioides difficile. In 2012, Philip joined Anglia Ruskin University as a Lecturer in Microbiology and Biotechnology before moving to the University of Plymouth in 2015 as a Lecturer in Medical Microbiology, where he now runs the Plantimicrobials drug discovery project investigating plant microbiomes for new bioactive compounds with potential to treat antibiotic resistant pathogens.

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