Dr Nitin Mahobia, Consultant Microbiologist, University Hospital Southampton

Dr Nitin Mahobia is working as a Consultant Microbiologist in the Department of Infection at University Hospital Southampton, with a special interest in surgical infections. He has the additional role of Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control, overseeing all aspects of Infection control. He is also Laboratory Director of bacteriology and involved in both diagnostics and strategic issues related to antimicrobial resistance across various levels of organisations.

Dr Mahobia went to Medical school in India and, after arriving in the UK in 2004, worked in many hospitals across the UK in various roles, before joining training for Medical Microbiology in London and Surrey. He also worked as a Consultant in Singapore for two years, where he was a member of the National Antimicrobial Resistance expert panel. He has given many presentations as part of increasing awareness for antimicrobial resistance, and is actively involved in research including antimicrobial resistance.

Dr Mahobia takes great interest in comparing different health systems, and also takes interest in primary care as he is married to a General Practitioner. He has two daughters, and is now working on the uphill task of changing the world so that it becomes a better place for future generations.

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