Postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Clinical Microbiology, UCL

Dr Linzy Elton is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Clinical Microbiology at UCL. She is part of the PANDORA-ID-NET and CANTAM consortia and focuses on antimicrobial resistance, whole genome sequencing, tuberculosis, laboratory capacity development and science communication. She is the PI for a multi-site study identifying the effects of COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures on hospital acquired infections (Twitter @AmrCovid). Whilst her background is in parasitology (focusing on helminths and specifically the prevalence and control of schistosomiasis), she completed her PhD on the role of biofilms in the transmission of Yersinia pestis (plague) in fleas and lice. She has worked on research projects in a number of countries, including Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. She tweets @LinzyElton.

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