Post Doctoral Research Associate, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK

Dr McLeman completed her BSc at Bangor University in 2012 followed by an MSc at the University of Exeter in 2013 where she worked on the use of bacteriophage to treat tomato plant infections. This led to her position within the University of Exeter Medical School researching phage and their co-evolution with bacteria and development of novel antimicrobials from seaweeds.  

Amy completed her PhD from the University of Exeter in the discovery and screening of pesticidal compounds immediately prior to starting her Postdoctoral role at LSTM last April 2021. She now works with Adam Roberts and his team on the iiCON project and Swab and Send. Both work strands collect environmental isolate libraries which are screened for antimicrobial activity where Dr McLeman’s role focusses on fractionation and identification of active compounds from isolates. 

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