David Berendes, Team Lead, Global WASH Epidemiology Team, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

David Berendes is an interdisciplinary epidemiologist and team lead of the Global Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Team of the Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch (WDPB) at CDC. He has served as CDC’s hand hygiene subject matter expert for both domestic and global community settings, including response deployments for COVID-19. His work focuses on sanitation and hygiene-associated exposures and their impact on health, the increasing role of the environment in transmitting antibiotic resistant organisms, and improvements to sanitation and hygiene facilities for preparedness and emergency response. He has a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology from Duke University and both an MSPH in Global Epidemiology and a PhD in Environmental Health Sciences from Emory University. He also did postdoctoral work in civil and environmental engineering at Georgia Tech before joining CDC. He has worked in the WASH sector for more than 10 years.

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