Second UK-Russia roundtable discussion – Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): action plans implementation

20-21 February 2017, Moscow, Russia

On 20-21 February 2017 the 2nd UK-Russia expert roundtable discussion dedicated to the problem of antimicrobial resistance “Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): action plans implementation” was held at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Moscow. This event was organised by the UK Science & Innovation Network (SIN-Russia) of the British Embassy in Moscow and Department for International Trade in Russia (DIT Russia) in collaboration with the Interregional Association for Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (IACMAC) in Smolensk (Russia) & the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC).
In the framework of the roundtable leading UK and Russian experts in medicine and veterinary, representatives of pharmaceutical companies and UK and Russian ministries as well as World Health Organisation (WHO) and UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) shared their experience in implementing national AMR strategies and action plans. The event also focusdsed on the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to the AMR tackling campaign. At the roundtable BSAC and IACMAC reported on their joint work and a UK-Russia pilot project on establishing stewardship systems in Russian hospitals. This event was a follow-up to the 1st UK-Russia roundtable discussion on policy, research, and collaboration in the field of AMR held in Moscow in December 2015.
Leading UK experts that participated in the event included Professor Dilip Nathwani OBE (President, British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC)), Professor Neil Woodford (Head, AMRHAI Reference Unit, Public Health England (PHE)), Professor Peter Borriello (CEO of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, DEFRA). From the Russian side the event will feature corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Roman Kozlov (Director, Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Smolensk State Medical University, IACMAC President), and a number of other leading experts. Representatives of some of the UK pharmaceutical companies were also among the participants.
Antimicrobial resistance remains one of the global threats to health and economy. It is estimated that by 2050 we would face an additional 10 million deaths per year and at a total cost to the global economy of up to $100 trillion. Countering AMR is one of the priorities of the UK Government. In recent years, the UK undertook tremendous efforts to mobilize world community to tackle AMR problems. In 2016 a UK Side Event dedicated to AMR was held at UNGA. UK experts have leading positions is a program of AMR stewardship.
UK Russia Year of Science and Education 2017


Programme & Presentations

Monday, 20 February


Arrival, registration and coffee - Gothic Room


Welcome and introduction - Garden Room

Minister Counsellor Jonathan Brenton , British Embassy, Moscow
Professor Lyalya Gabbasova , Aide to the Health Minister , RF Ministry of Health

Session 1: Implementing Antimicrobial stewardship in Russia through better structures and processes

Chair: Professor Roman Kozlov , RF Ministry of Health, President of IACMAC
Chair: Professor Dilip Nathwani OBE , British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC)
AMR in Russia – overview
Lyalya Gabbasova , Aide to the Health Minister , RF Ministry of Health
AMS global solutions: what lessons may be relevant to Russia (this would include metrics/targets)? Quality of prescribing –learning from the European / global PPS projects
Dilip Nathwani OBE , President , BSAC
Current stewardship and educational activity in Russia, findings from a survey
Ivan Palagin , Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy of Smolensk State Medical University
Current stewardship and educational activity in Russia – findings from a survey and what next?
Svetlana Ratchina , Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy at the Smolensk State Medical University
How professional societies can contribute to the AMR agenda
Tracey Guise , CEO , BSAC
International experience
Neil Woodford , Head, Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections Reference Unit , Public Health England
Practitioners from 6 Russian regions
UK and Russia experts
Ministry of Health

Coffee Break - Gothic Room


Session 2: WHO and UK experience in implementing AMR strategies and action plans - Garden Room

The latest developments in clinical practice, education, surveillance, research & policy areas of WHO
Dr Danilo Lo Fo Wong , Program Manager Control of AMR, Communicable Diseases, Health Security, and Environment , World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, WHO
UK experience in implementing UK AMR strategy and action plan
Dr Neil Woodford , Public Health England

Lunch - Gothic Room


Session 3: Veterinary medicine: Establishing, implementing and monitoring the animal health component of an AMR national action plan - Garden Room

Chair: Professor Peter Borriello , DEFRA, UK & VMD team
Prof Peter Borriello , CEO of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate , DEFRA, UK & VMD team
FAO Strategy and initiatives in AMR - video conference with the FAO HQ, Rome
Dr Juan Lubroth , Chief of Animal Health Service and Chief Veterinary Officer , FAO, Rome
Vladimir Shevkoplyas , Director Veterinary Department , RF Ministry of Agriculture
Polina Smyshlyaeva , Deputy Director Veterinary Department , RF Ministry of Agriculture
Problems of Antibiotics Resistance in Veterinary
Professor Boris Violin , Leading Scientist , Inst of Veterinary Sanitary, RF
Video Conference
Dr Juan Lubroth , Chief of Animal Health Service and Chief Veterinary Officer of FAO
Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Veterinary Medicine
Professor Shabbir Simjee , Co-Chair of CLSI Veterinary AST Sub-Committee and Past Chair of VetPath , ELANCO
Case study - the Gut Microflora of Milk Cows and AMR in Conditions of Industrial Pollutions of Environment
Professor Irina Donnik , Rector of the Ural State Agrarian University , Rf
AMR: Veterinary Approaches and Priorities
Dr Christopher Teale , APHA
VGNKI activities in the field of Antimicrobial Resistance and Residue Control
Dr Renat Selimov , Deputy Head Food Safe Department , VGNKI
1700 - Group photograph of all participants (bottom of main staircase, Residence Hall

1705-1830 Networking Reception - 2nd Floor of the Residence



Tuesday, 21 February


Participants arrival, tea/coffee/networking



Mr John Lindfield , Director , DIT Russia

Session 4: Pharma contribution to tackling AMR & Academic research: TB, HIV, drug discoveries

Dr Kirill Tverskoy , Medical Director, Pfizer
Dr Alexander Chernavin , Medical Director, R-Pharm
GSK slides
Dr Kamil Saitkylov , Head of Communications & Government Affairs, GSK
GSK Rus incentivising antibacterial research ru
Dr Kamil Saitkylov , Head of Communications & Government Affairs, GSK
GSK Eng incentivising antibacterial research
Dr Kamil Saitkylov , Head of Communications & Government Affairs, GSK
Dr Rashid Doole , Corporate Affairs Manager, CIS, GCC & PK, Market Access, ELANCO
Points for discussion: – which issues pharma companies see in Russian regulatory environment which might influence the process of bringing new drugs (with particular focus on antimicrobials)? What they require in order to be able to enhance support to AMR within the country?
Contributors to discussion , Invited: GSK, Pfizer, R-Farm, Novamedica, Astellas, Elanco, VGNKI, TEVA, NITA Farm, Bayer, Merck, Zoetis and others
HIV drug resistance
Dr Marina Bobkova , Head of Department of General Virology , Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Gamaleya Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Russian Ministry of Health
Gene resevoirs for drug resistance: soil microbes, human microbiota, natural resistome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Professor Danilenko , Head of Department of Post-Genomic Biotechnoloy, Institute of Human Genetics, RF
Nosocomial infections: trends in AMR resistance
Dr Elena Barantsevich , Almazov North-West Federal Medical Research Centre

Closing remarks by the Co-Chairs and comments from participants


Group photograph of participants, bottom of the main staircase, Residence Hall


Lunch and networking - Gothic Room