Supported by a grant from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Prosperity Fund, BSAC is undertaking a project Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Indian Hospitals in support of the PM’s Global Campaign against AMR

Key leaders from India are collaborating on the project, the aim of which is to help implement in India, UK Government’s International Strategy on tackling AMR, by developing an educational tool for Indian hospitals to enable development and implementation of interventions to reduce AMR rates.

The project objectives are to deliver:

  • Intelligence on and a deep understanding of current antimicrobial stewardship practices, education, culture and infrastructure in Indian hospitals
  • A framework for the development and delivery of local educational programmes for stewardship development and implementation within Indian hospitals (Dependent on need/capacity these can be traditional face to face train and trainer model and/or a hybrid learning models that encompass a form of e-learning), developed in consultation with the AMR policy lead within the Indian Government

The project will commence in October 2015 and conclude by April 2016.

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