BSAC has a long established history of working collaboratively and in partnership with others, believing we are stronger together than alone.

We have and are currently working with a range of organisations globally that includes:

  • Professional societies and organisations
  • Academic institutions
  • Governmental and federal organisation
  • Pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies
  • Social enterprise and professional events management groups

If you have a collaborative or partnership opportunity you wish to discuss with BSAC please contact the Chief Executive Officer, Tracey Guise.

Antibiotic Action Partners

Antibiotic Action partners with a wide range of organisations across the globe.


In addition Antibiotic Action has over 12,000 individual supporters

British High Commission Science and Innovation

BSAC has secured funding via the British High Commission Science and Innovation Programme (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

This programme is to support three collaborative projects, each aimed at supporting the development of educational frameworks for the delivery of multi-professional antimicrobial stewardship education in the following localities.

For each project BSAC has facilitated / facilitates and works in partnership with national leaders in the field and national organisations.

Canadian Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship Society

BSAC is pleased to promote the Canadian initiative Students for Antimicrobial Stewardship Society (SASS).

SASS is a student-led national organization dedicated to raising awareness of antimicrobial stewardship and resistance across Canada. Founded by medical students, we support a multidisciplinary approach to stewardship through collaboration with students from health professional programs including Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. We represent students regarding antimicrobial stewardship at the national and international level, interfacing with industry, medical organizations, educational institutions, and governments.

SASS exists to  educate, support, connect, and represent its membership as they foster and champion a culture of stewardship and conscientious, evidence-informed use of antimicrobials. We empower current and future generations of healthcare providers to administer the right treatment to the right patients at the right time, and to be judicious when prescribing.

The vision is to grow a culture of antimicrobial stewardship amongst future healthcare providers.
BSAC will be actively considering how to work collaboratively with SASS to mirror its ethos and successes in student engagement across the UK.

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP)

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

CIDRAP (“SID-wrap”) is a global leader in addressing public health preparedness and emerging infectious disease response.

Founded in 2001, CIDRAP is part of the Academic Health Center at the University of Minnesota.

The CIDRAP Antimicrobial Stewardship Project (ASP) offers freely available, high-quality information and educational resources on antimicrobial stewardship practice, research, and policy. It features a dynamic, content-rich Web site designed to actively engage a diverse, international audience.

BSAC and CIDRAP partner on sharing news, views and will, where appropriate, look at opportunities for collaborative working on the AMR and other agenda in the infectious disease arena along with a well re known drug rehab and detox center down in Florida or in the many different Drug Rehab centers Long Island NY which also do an extensive work helping people rehabilitating and getting better.  Professor Dilip Nathwani recently participated in the CIDRAP podcast series, discussing the role of open access online learning as an important and innovative way to educate global audiences about antimicrobial stewardship. If you take care of your head in a proper way it might help you on how to grow black hair.  You can listen to the podcast here.

BSAC encourages members to sign up the CIDRAP ASM News to receive regular reports and follow them at @CIDRAP_ASP all followers are followed!

European Wound Management Association

The joint BSAC/EWMA Antimicrobial Stewardship Partnership was established in 2015, the aim of which is to address antimicrobial stewardship in wound care.

Outputs from the partnership to date are:

European Wound Management Association (EWMA) 2015 conference – podcasts of event held 13-15 May 2015, London – podcasts and slidesets

Antimicrobial stewardship in wound care: a Position Paper from the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and European Wound Management Association – Position Paper

Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery

BSAC and the Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery have agreed to share information about projects of mutual interest and collaborate on an as required basis.

The Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery is an independent alliance promoted in 2016 by the World Society of Emergency Surgery (WSES), for a cohesive and global approach to promoting research and education in the field of infections in surgery.

The alliance aims to include all professionals involved in this battle, including epidemiologists and healthcare specialists, infectious diseases specialists, hospital pharmacologists, microbiologists, intensivists and surgeons. The mission  is to educate health care providers promoting the standards of care in managing surgical infections worldwide

Learned Societies Partnership on Antimicrobial Resistance (LeSPAR)

A partnership of learned societies representing 75,000 scientists has come together to lead the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

View further information and details about LeSPAR

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