5th August 2019

This NICE consultation can be found on their web site via the link below

Flu vaccination: increasing uptake quality standard consultation

The BSAC is not submitting a formal response to this but you can comment as an individual.

Responses must be submitted to QSconsultations@nice.org.uk by 5pm on Tuesday 3 September 2019.

All comments will be considered by the quality standards advisory committee (QSAC) and a record summarised in the QSAC meeting minutes. Registered stakeholders that submitted comments will be sent a link to the QSAC meeting minutes once these are published.

Comments received from non-registered organisations and individuals are not summarised in the formal report presented to the committee but are included as an appendix. These comments are not made available on the NICE website. However, if they result in changes to the quality standard this is recorded in the committee meeting minutes.

For any enquiries please contact NICE via email at: qualitystandards@nice.org.uk

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