19th September 2023

NICE has issued this consultation to which BSAC will issue a formal response.

Members who wish to comment can do so by completing and returning this ARI comments form via email to: fdrummond@bsac.org.uk by 28 September 2023.

Consultation documents:


Background information:


How to comment:

Please use the comments form to comment on the content of the quality standard (i.e. the statements and other sections e.g. rationale, measures etc.), as well as answer the following questions:

  1. Does this draft quality standard accurately reflect the key areas for quality improvement?
  2. Can data for the proposed quality measures be collected locally? Please include in your answer any data sources that can be used or reasons why data cannot be collected.
  3. Do you think each of the statements in this draft quality standard would be achievable by local services given the net resources needed to deliver them? Please describe any resource requirements that you think would be necessary for any statement. Please describe any potential cost savings or opportunities for disinvestment.
  4. What are the challenges to implementing the NICE guidance underpinning this quality standard? Please say why and for whom. Please include any suggestions that could help users overcome these challenges (for example, existing practical resources or national initiatives).
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