8th November 2019

NOTE: NICE is bound by the current pre-election period of sensitivity and as such will be carrying out minimal promotion of this guideline to the media and public. Where you are planning media activity around this document you should contact the NICE press office first (Pressoffice@nice.org.uk).

NICE has published this guideline on their web site at: Fever in under 5s. You can also find the supporting evidence, tools and resources as well as all the stakeholder comments received by NICE during consultation and responses to these comments.

The recommendations from this guideline have been included in the NICE Pathway, which brings together all information in an interactive flowchart. There is brief information about the guideline for people using services, carers and the public at ‘Information for the public’.

If you have any queries about this guideline please email: FeverUpdate@nice.org.uk

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