29th September 2022

Diabetic foot problems draft guideline and its supporting evidence for consultation

NICE has issued this draft guideline Diabetic foot problems for consultation.

If you would like to comment as part of BSAC formal response to this draft please do so by submitting comments to jsneddon@bsac.org.uk by 5pm on Monday 24 October 2022, using this Comments form.

NOTE: NICE has not reviewed the evidence for the recommendations within the draft guideline shaded in grey. Therefore, please do not submit any comments on these recommendations as NICE cannot accept them.

This update to the Diabetic foot guideline has focused on two areas: the appropriate risk stratification approach for predicting the development of diabetic foot problems; and the appropriate frequency of review for people at low, medium and high risk of developing a diabetic foot problem.

Following the reviews, the guideline committee have retained the recommendations from the existing guideline, with a small change to note that the annual foot check should take place at the same time as the annual review. The recommendations and a summary of the committee’s reasons for this approach are set out in the guideline document, with further detail of the evidence and the committee’s deliberations in the evidence review document.

NICE welcomes your views on whether you agree with the decision to retain the existing recommendations and the reasons for it.

This guideline is expected to be published on 18/01/2023.

If you have any queries about this consultation, please contact diabeticfootupdate@nice.org.uk.

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