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Superbugs & game theory: Rates of resistance will continue to increase unless we change the “payoff” for prescribers

23rd June 2020

An international research project based at the University of Leicester recently provided the first detailed mathematical proof that antibiotic over-prescribing is a social dilemma of ‘the tragedy of the commons type’. Andrew Colman outlines how this was achieved with the help of game theory.

BSAC delighted to publish in relaunched APUA newsletter

18th June 2020

BSAC is delighted to be part of the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics, now part of the International Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

BSAC calls for Minister to tackle superbugs and pandemics in response to inquiry on COVID-19 impact

17th June 2020

BSAC has made three key recommendations in its response to the UK Parliament’s Health and Social Care Select Committee’s inquiry, “Delivering Core NHS and Care Services during the Pandemic and Beyond”

BSAC responds to UN consultation on panel to coordinate action against superbugs

16th June 2020

Following the Interagency Coordination Group’s (IACG) recommendation that the UN Secretary General should establish an Independent Panel on Evidence on Action Against Antimicrobial Resistance, an advisory group was established to develop draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Panel. Here is the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy’s (BSAC) response to that draft.

Poverty and drug resistance: the context needs to change, not the understanding of patients

16th June 2020

While stewardship programmes have some impact on antimicrobial resistance, hardship, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, means traditional awareness-raising campaigns are likely to fail. Is it time for a new approach, focused on community-building?

COVID-19: For students, life can’t return to the way it was – which is a good thing when it comes to stopping superbugs

11th June 2020

With Universities closed since March, the future has never been less certain for current undergraduates. But for many, argues Biomedical Science student Laura Seeney, the crisis has brought unexpected opportunities...

Architecture and COVID-19: Could our hospitals be helping the spread of infectious disease?

9th June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world more quickly and more radically than many of us could have imagined. But how many of those changes will prove permanent?

Antibiotic Resistance: Is the Western emphasis on stewardship misplaced?

4th June 2020

While successful antibiotic stewardship programmes may make some impact in countries with good sanitation standards, Dr Abdul Ghafur, coordinator of the Chennai Declaration, is doubtful whether it will make any substantial difference to superbug rates in developing countries...

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