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One Health: Antimicrobial resistance beyond the clinic

3rd August 2022

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) infections are linked to around 5 million deaths per year, with this expected to increase to 10 million annual deaths by the year 2050 - around one life lost every 3 seconds. Yet it’s not just human health that AMR impacts: animal health, environmental health and the global economy are all at risk. In this post, Dr Aimee Murray, Lecturer in Microbiology at the University of Exeter, explores the risk AMR poses to our entire planet – and what we can do to combat it.

Could a global antimicrobial stewardship accreditation scheme be the missing piece in the AMR puzzle?

28th July 2022

The recent GRAM report laid bare the grim toll of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) around the world, estimating it was associated with 4.95 million deaths in 2019. It also makes clear that AMR is a global problem; one that requires a global response. It is in this context that BSAC is launching a new Global Antimicrobial Stewardship Accreditation Scheme (GAMSAS), which aims to tackle AMR by supporting and accrediting effective antimicrobial stewardship programmes around the world. In this article, Dr Jacqueline Sneddon, Programme Manager for GAMSAS, explains how the scheme works, why it has the potential to be such a game changer, and how you can get involved…

Centring antimicrobial resistance: lawmakers will keep trying

19th July 2022

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the world’s third biggest killer – accounting for more deaths than HIV and Malaria combined. Yet around the world, governments have been slow to adequately prioritise it as part of their health security agenda. In this article, Green Party Peer Baroness Natalie Bennet explores how lawmakers in the UK are working to ‘centre’ AMR in UK politics, with the aim of unlocking the support and resources that are needed to tackle a threat that threatens not just humans, but all life on Earth…

Parliamentary Internship Programme: PhD Students sought to apply for unique Westminster opportunity

13th July 2022

Are you a UK-based PhD student with a passion to advocate on antimicrobial resistance and planetary health? Do you want to hold politicians to account and push the fight against infectious disease back up the political agenda?

Call for new Editors: JAC-Antimicrobial Resistance (JAC-AMR)

29th June 2022

The Editor-in-Chief, Prof. David van Duin, is keen to seek applications from BSAC members to become Editors for the Journal. The main responsibilities of an Editor are selecting referees for assigned articles and then making recommendations based on those reports regarding the fate of submitted articles.

Superbug Stories: How a young woman’s recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) took a devastating, and almost deadly, turn for the worst

20th June 2022

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is one of the world’s leading causes of illness and death, causing misery to millions every year. As part of a new series, we are featuring stories of patients who have been affected by AMR, as told to Antibiotic Research UK. In this story, Rachel explains how reoccurring UTIs devastated her life…

BSAC Launches Global Antimicrobial Stewardship Partnership Hub

8th June 2022

AMR is one of the biggest healthcare – and humanitarian – challenges we collectively face, contributing to at least 5 million deaths every year. In order to meet this challenge, BSAC has launched GASPH, a dedicated online space designed to bring organisations together to support appropriate antibiotic use and reduce antimicrobial resistance.

CASTING CALL: Singing scientists and healthcare professionals sought to join the chorus of ‘The Mould that Changed the World’ for Edinburgh Fringe/Glasgow shows in August 2022

18th May 2022

The BSAC sponsored, sell-out 2018 Fringe musical The Mould That Changed the World is back, with a return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and a visit to Glasgow in August '22. What’s more, they’re looking for a local chorus of scientists and healthcare professionals recruited in each city to join the professional cast…

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