19th January 2021

The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) is delighted to learn that Oxford University is to open a new research institute dedicated to tackling resistance to antimicrobial treatments – an indication that the existential threat posed by drug-resistant infections is starting to attract the much-needed support of high-level investors

As reported by the BBC, the Ineos Oxford Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance will be funded through a £100million gift from Ineos, a chemical company chaired by billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe. The institute will employ 50 researchers to address the “over-use and mis-use” of antibiotics, which the university recognises “as one of the biggest rising threats to global health, already causing 1.5 million deaths per year worldwide”.

David Jenkins, President-elect, said: “We’re very encouraged by this news – and now look forward to hearing more about the research priorities of this Institute so that learned societies like ours can offer support, where we can, through our networks of experts and portfolios of resources.

“Specifically, we hope that to see the outputs of research, and especially big data, informing decision making at all levels, supranational, national and local to improve appropriate prescribing and patient outcomes.  Through such action we will be able to achieve a containment and reduction in rates of antimicrobial resistance. BSAC is committed to supporting such and all endeavours in this arena”.

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