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I’m very proud to be a BSAC member, an organisation that seeks to inform, educate, support and encourage research, innovation and crucially collaboration. It is an organisation that is tackling head on one of the greatest challenges facing the world right now – antimicrobial resistance.
Louise Sweeney, Consultant Medical Microbiologist
BSAC enables me to network with world-leading scientists and professionals in health care through conferences and events and also being part of a larger community that is dedicated to making the world a better and safer place for future generations.
Getrude Mmboga Kayeyia, Medical Microbiology Postgraduate Student
As a young scientist and committed to tackling antimicrobial resistance. BSAC has provided me with lots of support, and opened my eyes to the challenges we face – we still have a lot to do to make the world a safe and better place!
Daniel Hassan, Pharmaceutical Scientist


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