Louise Sweeney

Liverpool, UK
Consultant Medical Microbiologist

How long have you been a BSAC member?

4 years

What do you do?

Advise health care professionals on the investigation and management of patients with proven or suspected infection; interpret microbiology investigation results; write, review and update treatment guidelines; work with laboratory scientists to provide an up to date, clinically relevant diagnostic service; promote and practice antimicrobial stewardship; teach and train.

One thing you love about your job

The intellectual challenge of a complex case, which includes making the diagnosis, developing a personalised, sometimes creative management plan if it is a drug resistant infection, is deeply satisfying, but the thing I love most is when it all works out and the patient gets better.

One thing your colleagues don't know about you

I named our dog Moffat after the writer/creator of Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who and Press Gang because I’m such a big fan!

What does BSAC membership mean to you?

To be a member of BSAC is a great privilege and to be able to contribute to the some of the activities of the organisation is a real honour. I have always admired the ethos of BSAC: a multi-disciplinary organisation that seeks to inform, educate, support and encourage research, innovation and crucially collaboration. It is an organisation that is tackling head on one of the greatest challenges facing the world right now – Antimicrobial Resistance – and I’m very proud to be a member.

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