Getrude Mmboga Kayeyia

Manchester, United Kingdom
Medical Microbiology postgraduate student

How long have you been a BSAC member?

I have been a BSAC member since January 2021

What do you do?

I am working jointly with the department of Communications, Marketing and Student Recruitment at The University of Manchester, in developing a new student communications and engagement strategy.
I am also collaborating with Antimicrobial Resistance Society at the University of Manchester on the contribution of climate change to antimicrobial resistance.
I cooperate with the Students for Global Health university representatives in advocating for climate change onto the medical curriculum, and other healthcare courses, within the UK.
As a student representative, I link the students and the University and make sure that student opinions are heard, and teaching and learning experiences for the students I represent, are as rewarding as possible.

One thing you love about your job

Studying Medical Microbiology helps me to have a better understanding of antimicrobial resistance which threatens the ability to control infectious diseases, impacting not just health but also welfare.

One thing your colleagues don't know about you

I am a visual learner and I have managed to engage my creative side by being artistic and skilful. As a result of this, I have learnt various skills such as crocheting, baking, doing DIY projects and braiding my own hair.

What does BSAC membership mean to you?

BSAC is enabling me to network with world-leading scientists and professionals in health care through conferences and events and also being part of a larger community that is dedicated to making the world a better and safer place for future generations.

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