14th March 2018

BSAC and Charades Theatre in collaboration with the University of Dundee are delighted to present "The Mould that Changed the World"

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A new school musical production that aims to influence the behaviour of generations in relation to the importance of effective antibiotic use. The musical will premiere in Scotland on the 18th June and London on the 4th July, both premieres attended by the Chief Medical Officers of Scotland, Catherine Calderwood and England, Dame Sally Davies.

In addition a professional production of the musical, with a chorus of health care professionals, will be taken for a 3-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Become a champion for #thatmould – encourage your local school to sign up and attend the event at the Fringe.  It is a bold, exciting initiative with the catchiest promotional song you will hear in 2018!  Listen to it here:  

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