3rd January 2024

Keep Antimicrobials Working is a programme that aims to provide healthcare undergraduates and postgraduates – as well as educators – with the support and resources they need to make wise decisions about antimicrobial medication, help reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance and ultimately save lives.

While most healthcare students and qualified professionals have probably heard the term antimicrobial resistance (AMR), many still don’t really recognise the threat it poses. AMR is already the third leading global killer – and it’s only going to get worse. That’s why we started Keep Antimicrobials Working (KAW), to improve and standardise education on AMR and antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) within the undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare related programmes (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing) throughout the UK and internationally. This in turn will support trainees and healthcare professionals and help them make responsible choices around antimicrobials throughout their careers.

The KAW programme is also advocating for increased recognition of AMS and AMR within undergraduate and postgraduate curricula and aligning learning outcomes to assessment. By educating undergraduates and postgraduate healthcare related students about the risk AMR poses to all of us, we hope we can inspire to implement best practice, reduce side effects of the use of antimicrobial agents to individuals and the public, educate patients, and demand change from decision-makers nationally and internationally to facilitate adherence to best practice. Ultimately, we see KAW as a way of planting a seed – one that will positively continue to grow and reach the furthest corners of society.

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