4th July 2024

The UK is at the forefront of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and stewardship research. However, we are facing challenges in completing a crucial NIHR-funded clinical trial with significant AMR implications. We need your help to make a difference! Your participation is crucial for the success of this important AMR research. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to a trial that could significantly impact antifungal use and resistance management.

About the BioDriveAFS Trial

The BioDriveAFS trial aims to compare a biomarker-based diagnostic approach to the current standard-of-care mould-acting antifungal prophylaxis. This trial focuses on preventing and managing invasive fungal disease in acute leukaemia patients undergoing intensive chemotherapy.

Evidence suggests that combining non-mould acting antifungal prophylaxis with weekly galactomannan testing can safely reduce antifungal use. However, no trial has yet compared diagnostics alone to prophylaxis. If diagnostics alone prove safe, the impact on antifungal use and resistance could be profound, especially in haematology where antifungal use is high.

Why We Need You

So far, we’ve recruited almost 60 patients across 9 sites without any safety concerns. But we need your support to complete this trial. We’ve also created an open access toolkit to improve test turnaround time.

If you’re an infection doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or haematologist working in antimicrobial stewardship or haematology, we invite you to get involved. This pragmatic trial is designed to reflect real-world NHS practices, prioritizing patient welfare.

What we offer in return

  • Flexibility in how sites conduct the trial
  • Principal investigator, co-PI or associate PI status for healthcare professionals (doctor, pharmacist, or nurse) involved in the study
  • Comprehensive support throughout the process

How to Get Involved

To sign up to this trial please contact the trial team: biodrive-group@york.ac.uk

As Co-chief investigators we are happy to answer any questions you might have:

  • Gavin Barlow, Co-Chief Investigator (gavin.barlow@york.ac.uk)
  • Dave Allsup, Co-Chief Investigator (David.Allsup@hyms.ac.uk)

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Best regards, Gavin Barlow
Co-Chief Investigator, BioDriveAFS
Professor of Infection
Hull York Medical School, University of York

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