6th July 2023

BSAC is delighted to announce the first three healthcare organisations accredited by our Global Antimicrobial Stewardship Scheme (GAMSAS). Developed by BSAC and led by experts in antimicrobial stewardship (AMS), GAMSAS reviews, mentors and accredits hospital AMS programmes through a standards-based process and aims to establish Centres of Excellence around the world to support the spread of effective AMS.

The following organisations have met all of the GAMSAS Standards and demonstrated networking to spread best practice in antimicrobial stewardship, and have accordingly been awarded GAMSAS Level three accreditation and designation as a Centre of Excellence:

  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, England
  • Norton Healthcare Foundation, Louisville, Kentucky, USA*
  • Shiekh Khalifa Medical Centre, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, UAE*

BSAC has worked with teams in these hospitals to carry out a holistic assessment of their AMS systems, processes and practice. GAMSAS strives for a collaborative approach to stewardship around the world, raising standards, sharing best practice and facilitating mentorship between communities, as Dr David Jenkins, President of BSAC, explains:

“Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) is a collection of evidence-based tools that helps keep antimicrobial resistance at bay. AMS ensures best treatment for infected patients now and keeps antibiotics working for future patients. Accreditation is another evidence-based discipline that measures and drives up quality of healthcare.”

*Teams in the USA and UAE have been supported by quality improvement grants and collaborative working agreements with Pfizer.

Find out more about GAMSAS here.

Accreditation costs can be supported by:

  • Payment of accreditation fees direct by the organisation, their Trust or governing body or Ministries of Health.
  • Grants from commercial organisations including investment banks, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies and others.
  • Philanthropic donations.

Organisations wishing to support accreditation through quality improvement grants or collaborative agreements or donations can do so by contacting Tracey Guise, BSAC CEO tguise@bsac.org.uk

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