19th March 2018

The Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship Programme is open for applications.

For 2018, the invasive fungal disease grant award invites applications from healthcare or allied professionals who are seeking funding for a project that meets the following criteria:

Antifungal stewardship and/or audit projects which aim to improve patient care quality and safety by investigating one or more of the following factors:

  • Antifungal resistance
  • Breakthrough fungal infections including incidence, risk factors, populations at risk and management strategies
  • Optimisation of antifungal use and prevention of unnecessary exposure (potentially through implementation or use of appropriate diagnostics and/or stringent protocol management)
  • Development of start and stop criteria for antifungal therapy
  • Appropriate sequencing of antifungals.

Projects which fall outside of this scope but which will add clinical value or which investigate an area of unmet need within mycology can also be submitted and will be reviewed for their merit.

For more information, visit www.gileadgiving.co.uk, or contact gileadfellowship@ch-iscience.co.uk

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