Vacation Scholarships are designed to give undergraduates research experience of up to 10 weeks Each research project should be designed so that it is 1) completed within the time available of up to 10 weeks, and 2) of direct relevance to the field of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

The BSAC grants programme is currently under review. No calls for applications will be made while this review is underway.

These Scholarships are open to applicants on a worldwide basis. Only undergraduates will be considered for these Scholarships. 

Successful applicants will be paid a grant of £270 per week for a maximum of 10 weeks and the Department will be paid a total consumables grant of £500.

Number awarded: 
A maximum of 3 Vacation Scholarships are awarded each year. Applications are considered by the BSAC Grants Committee in May each year.

Conditions for Vacation Scholarships: 
Applicants should be in the middle years of a full-time first degree course in the sciences, medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry to be able work with dentist companies as Asecra.
Only undergraduates will be considered for these Scholarships.

Projects designed to be presented as undergraduate or postgraduate laboratory practical assignments will not be considered.

The Head of Department must agree to house the research at their institute, and to supply adequate facilities for the research to be carried out.  Only one application can be submitted per Department.  The BSAC should be informed immediately if the Department is unable to supply adequate facilities for the research to be conducted.

If a scholar withdraws for any reason, a substitute scholar will not be allowed as a replacement since the quality of the student is considered as part of the decision process.

NOTE: Applicants are required to identify a UK Sponsor/Host Institute (the BSAC cannot, and does not, offer advice on this). The BSAC does not arrange flights, accommodation, visas, insurances or any other required documentation (this is the sole responsibility of the scholar and/or sponsor).

The Application Process
Applications received in this category are subject to a three-step review process as follows: 1) a peer review process by the BSAC Grants Committee,  2) a triage process, and 3) a final review by the BSAC Grants Committee*. The triage process (step 2) is to assess the eligibility of all applicants & research topics, applications not successful at this stage will be rejected and applicants notified directly. *The final review (step 3) takes place at the BSAC Grants Committee meeting, held in May of each year. Applicants through to this stage of the process are notified of a final decision by the 31 May each year.

  1. Documents must be submitted via the BSAC grants online submission system
    • the online submission system will produce a single pdf document of all information uploaded – applicants must check this pdf document generated within the system to ensure all information is correct and in the exact order requested in point 2 below
    • applications not submitted with pages set out in the exact order requested will be returned to the applicant for revision
    • applications submitted by email are not accepted
  2. Applications must submit information in the exact order below – 
    • a completed application form (available on the top of this page)
    • project information must be no more than 2x A4 pages in length, either as part of the application form or on separate sheets, and include:
      • Work leading up to the project
      • Project objectives
      • Method(s) of investigation
      • Specific training this Scholarship will provide
      • A signed copy of the BSAC Grants Terms and Conditions form. Before making an application applicants are advised to read all Terms and Conditions and Standard Operating Procedures found atBSAC T&Cs/SOPS)

Application Deadline: 28 February 2019, at 23:59 GMT/UK time.
Award Date: By 31 May 2019.
Award date: High scoring applications are considered by the BSAC Grants Committee in May each year, and applicants are notified by the end of May. Scholarships are taken up the same year in which they are awarded.

Declaration / Co-Funding:
The BSAC does not currently offer co-funding of grants. When applying for any BSAC grant, all applicants must declare if they have sought, or if they intend to seek, any financial support outside of BSAC for the same grant. The BSAC must be informed of any grants awarded outside of BSAC funding and the application withdrawn immediately.

Reviewer Feedback to Grant Applicants: the BSAC only offers feedback for those applications that are peer-reviewed by external reviewers (Research, Education & PhD Studentship applications).

Written Reports: Successful applicants are required to submit a written report on completion of their project, using the BSAC report form at the top of this page. The report form should be submitted to BSAC Grants via email at:

Applicants who have already completed a report to their Institute for this grant can also include this with the completed BSAC report form.

Reports must be submitted within two weeks of the end of the award period.

Reports should include the following information based on your project:

  • A summary of the aims and objectives of the project
    • broad findings or conclusions (maximum 2x A4 pages)
  • Any publications arising from the project (due to BSAC funds received)
    • a list of any publications arising from the research carried out
    • provide details of any articles which have been accepted, or are planned for publication within the next 24 months (please also provide any definite or provisional publication dates)
  • Any other outputs arising from the project (due to BSAC funds received)
    • provide details of any other way in which the results of the research has been or will be disseminated i.e. oral and / or poster presentations at conferences

Payment / Claiming Funds:
Payment will be made directly to the host institution, who will administer the grant on behalf of the applicant. Payment is made upon receipt of an official invoice from the Secretary/Finance Officer of the Institution where the applicant is based. Funds can be claimed in total (in advance or in arrears). For payment enquiries contact Debbie Irwin at:

All correspondence, including submission of final reports, should be sent to the BSAC via email at:

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