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Welcome, overview of session and introduction to DRIVE-AB

Inge Gyssens

What is the definition of responsible use? Results of the DRIVE-AB project and implementation of the metrics

Inge Gyssens, Jeroen Schouten and Marlies Hulscher

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Quantitative metrics and quality indicators to assess antibiotic use. Output of the DRIVE- AB project

Céline Pulcini, Benedikt Huttner and Vera Vlahovic-Palcevski

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Faculty-led discussion: How do we achieve consistency in the implementation of quantitative metrics and quality indicators of responsible antibiotic use across Europe/the world?

What are the perceived barriers and opportunities for implementation in your country / region / hospital / clinic / practice?
• Is the implementation of the quantitative metrics and quality indicators feasible in your country / region / hospital / clinic / practice?
• Do you feel that the proposed metrics / indicators can change practice in your setting?
• What resources do you need to support training, implementation and sustaining change?
• Suggestions for additional resources or approaches to ensure success

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For a short written summary of the event, please click here.

To read the final report on Quality indicators and quantity metrics of antibiotic use, please click here.

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10 April 2016

Elicium Tower, RAI Convention Centre Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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