8th December 2020

The Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Diversity and Inclusion in STEM, Chi Onwurah MP, has invited BSAC to submit evidence to an inquiry on ‘Equity in the STEM Workforce’.

This request coincides with plans to review BSAC’s own HR policies in 2021 (we’re keen to make a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion – with a much greater focus on action, not words).

As such, we would like to invite BSAC Members to send us their thoughts on this issue, which will enable us to feedback to the inquiry as we as helping inform BSAC’s own position/policies on this important topic.

The APPG has produced a short guide on its call for evidence. It features a list of ‘key insights’ that help define the scope of the inquiry – as well as six ‘key questions’ the APPG is particularly interested in.

We look forward to receiving your input on this vital topic.

Please send all feedback to mcorley@bsac.org.uk by Monday January 11 at 1700 latest. 

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