Antimicrobial stewardship: from principles to practice - Interactive e-Book on Antimicrobial Stewardship  (e-BAS)

BSAC plans to launch, by autumn 2017, an e-book on antimicrobial stewardship (e-BAS).

e-BAS will build on the success of the Massive Open Online Course on Antimicrobial Stewardship, which has attracted over 31,000 registered learners worldwide since its launch in September 2015.  e-BAS will be an open access educational resource that will provide a blended mixture of contemporary and state of the art information and education in an interactive multi-media format. It will help the busy practitioner and others involved in healthcare to learn the core issues in relation to developing, implementing and measuring stewardship programmes. e-BAS will not be available in a printed form but will deliver education via pragmatic multi-media formats embedded within the book.

e-BAS will be developed through a multi-stakeholder collaborative incremental approach that will meet the following principles:

  • Free at the point of access
  • A blended approach to learning, including signposting to supplementary bespoke community specific resources
  • Provision of core and advance competency learning
  • Clinical care and quality focused
  • Implementation, measurement and feedback focused
  • Fit for diverse learning needs of the differing global teams of healthcare professionals and differing global healthcare systems, including primary, secondary and community care.
  • Evaluation of value and impact
  • Accessible via a range of devices (tablet, android, i-tunes, etc) so suitable for all markets and also available in interactive PDF format

Organisations wishing to collaborate, either academic collaboration or through the provision of unrestricted educational grants as part of a consortia stakeholder group, should contact Tracey Guise, BSAC CEO in the first instance.  The e-BAS Prospectus is available here.

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