The COVID- 19 pandemic represents an unprecedented global human, social, scientific and economic challenge. One of the ways the scientific and clinical community is responding to it is rapidly accruing, collating and disseminating research, information and news globally. For example, many journals/publishing houses are building COVID- 19 related resource centres or hubs.

Raising public and healthcare professional awareness through education and training is an important component of this response. BSAC in collaboration with OUP are delighted to announce the development of a COVID-19 education and training hub which aims to support healthcare professionals and the public in signposting to vital global education and learning resources.

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One very timely course has just been launched. Starting on the 23rd of March the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine in collaboration with FutureLearn has produced COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronovirus. The open access course is introduced by Professor Baron Peter Piot and is presented in English and is available in Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian translations. The course is for enhancing personal knowledge in this topic and covers how COVID-19 emerged and was identified, how it spreads, the public health measures for COVID-19 worldwide and what is needed to address COVID-19 going forward. Ensuring timely awareness amongst healthcare professionals and public of this and other education and learning resources is the primary goal of this hub- it is our small way of supporting the global response to this unfolding tragedy. Join us- if you have resources that will support education and training in this area, let us know and we will highlight and signpost it.

Dilip Nathwani FRCP/E, OBE
Honorary Emeritus Professor of Infection
Editor in Chief JAC AMR

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