Antimicrobial Resistance: A preventable crisis in the making

24th November 2020

It’s a truly terrifying moment when you come to understand that the world is losing one of its most powerful tools in healthcare: Antibiotics...

Superbugs are a global emergency – it’s time to respond

19th November 2020

Superbugs – microbes that cause infections that are difficult or impossible to treat — are one of the biggest threats we face. They kill someone in the world every 45 seconds. That means by the time you finish reading this article, at least five more families will have lost a loved one. But there’s hope. Across the globe, community projects are doing what they can to stop superbugs – they just need us to lend a hand...

Spreading the word about superbugs: why we need to think outside the box when it comes to the AMR message

10th November 2020

Antibiotic resistant infections, or ‘superbugs’, are one of the gravest threats we face. They already cause more than 750,000 deaths every year - or around one person every 40 seconds. Yet despite the scale of the issue, recognition remains low, especially amongst the general public. In this post, Edwin Panford-Quainoo explores how scientists, academics and health professionals can do more to spread the message about drug-resistant infections.

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