19th March 2020

BSAC has received almost 400 expressions of interest for its COVID-19 funding call and is looking for partners to increase its funding capacity.

The BSAC COVID-19 funding call was launched to support researchers globally in better understanding and addressing the COVID-19 outbreak.  The initial call for expressions of interest resulted in almost 400 submissions being received, demonstrating the urgency and need for research across all areas of prevention, vaccination, treatment and surveillance.

BSAC has a rigorous fast track peer -review process in place to consider applications and plans to make its first awards week commencing 18 May 2020.

The Society is seeking partnership from commercial and philanthropic sources to support its COVID-19 call and to enable the benefit of research funding to be distributed as widely as possible.  We do not know where the solutions to this unprecedented crisis will come from – we do know the solutions are awaiting discovery – alongside others we are proud and determined to play our part in helping to bring the answers needed to stem the current crisis and prevent recurrence.

If you are able to support our call for funds please contact Tracey Guise, Chief Executive Officer at  grants@bsac.org.uk

BSAC has an ongoing commitment to support scientific research through its grants programme in the area of infectious diseases.

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