11th May 2023

BSAC is delighted to celebrate the achievements of the first tranche of students to graduate from our new AMS eLearning Diploma and especially proud to be working collaboratively with Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF), to provide accredited education to staff working in the most challenging of circumstances across the world.

The diploma – which is made up of two courses: “Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) – AMR initiative” and “IPC Supervision and Management – AMR Initiative” and accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists – is designed to provide staff with the knowledge and skills to perform their roles and improve the quality of care provided to patients in MSF supported hospitals. This first cohort was made up of 22 graduates from 11 countries and territories, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Yemen – traditionally some of the most challenging areas to work in around the world.

BSAC hopes that this is the beginning of our relationship with graduates – who we have invited to become BSAC members – as well as MSF, who we have worked with to develop and deliver the course, in what we hope will be many diploma and accredited training courses for MSF field staff moving forwards.

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